To see to the needs of people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and other terminal illness; primarily to focus on the children who become orphaned and vulnerable as a result these diseases,  while remaining the best provider with regard to serving the community in excellence


To reduce high risk behaviour in the general population in our targeted communities and schools. In its work Mount Olive Outreach values professionalism, efficiency, integrity, courtesy and good public relations. To become a sustainable AIDS Service Organization implementing HIV/AIDS prevention intervention, which is responsive to community needs in an effort to reduce the impact of HIV within our targeted areas.


  • To facilitate Orphan and Vulnerable Child programmes with outcome based activities

  • Promote HIV/AIDS education and awareness training.

  • Provide services such as Home Based Care and Palliative care.

  • Promote HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing.

  • Conduct Spiritual Programmes.


  • Children

  • Teenagers

  • Terminally ill patients

  • Young adults and adults

  • Pregnant women and Young Women

  • Senior Citizens