Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development is aimed at nurturing toddlers in their early age so that they may grow up to be respectable adults and leaders ,this programme is started to ensure that they future is bright with no hindrances from their current unfavourable situations

This programme links young children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical process with the care and services (provided by families, communities and the nation) required to support their development and growth.

Poverty, nutritional deficiencies and inadequate learning opportunities are among the leading reasons that at least 200 million children in the developing world are not reaching their developmental potential.

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Short Term Goals

We recognize that children entering our Early Child Development Programme do so with vast differences in learning ability, mental state and academic acute. As our Centre is limited to the amount of classrooms we cannot separate children by their different needs- thus aim to bridge the gap by using role play, song and dance, story reading and even poetry to ensure that all different styles of learning are effected- giving each child the unique opportunity to learn with various parts of their brain, thus developing any neglected areas that may have been present upon registration.

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Mid Term Goals

There are sadly a number of applicants rejected each year as they would require special attention, due to some form of neglect or abuse, which cannot be provided to them within our current capacity. These cases are referred to our Victim Empowerment Program and the registration is deferred until the problem is resolved. We aim to have a therapy-intensive class for these children as a means of not letting them slip through the cracks and still get the education they need. This class will be taught by a licensed social worker.

Long Term Goals

The community of Lehae is ever expanding and we foresee that by 2017 we would need to , at the very least, need two more junior classes and one more Grade R class. This would allow us to serve an estimated 60% of children falling within our target market- who also meet the requirements of registration. We would keep our special needs class, but only as a bridging class for the first term, after which they will be assigned to a regular class.

I believe the children are our future, teach them well and watch them lead the way.”

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