Orphaned & Vulnerable Child Care

Our OVC programme was established  to address the escalating HIV/ AIDS pandemic. It focuses  on the notion that all children deserve fair treatment and care irrespective of their status.

The number of orphans in South Africa is currently estimated at 3.7 million; close to half of them have lost their parents due to AIDS related diseases. While there are many more children living with sick and bed ridden parents, about 150 000 children are  believed to be living in child headed households and find themselves without access to grants, education, health care and guardians.

A project of Mount Olive Outreach

After school care program (includes: drama, fine arts, end-user computing, sports, choir, debate, poetry)

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Provide 2 meals per day

Short Term Goals

There are many ways to earn a living in modern society and academic excellence is no longer the sole assurance of a sustainable career- many fields such as crafts, fine arts, performance and dance have received much attention and funding in the past 20 years which has opened doors for those who are artistically skilled. We now offer Drama, Choir and Fine Arts as options in our after school programs. Participants are first screened for raw talent and then are sculpted and moulded by professionals in each chosen field to grow their potential as well as advise them on how to enter

Essential document and grant application assistance

Mid Term Goals

As the children in each programme pass the basic levels of understanding we would aim to offer accredited courses in the form of weekend workshops which would provide them with a completion certificate which is recognized with relevant foundations within the respective fields. We would enter the top learners into Isteadfords and other competitions- thus giving them an understanding of real-life expectant levels. They will be able to judge their work against others and identify areas of improvement- as well as gain confidence.

Long Term Goals

There are many creative-based careers that benefit from some sort of art discipline. Graphic design, for example, is an extension of fine art and drawing. The fields of Marketing, Advertising and Media are all filled with art school graduates. We would thus start offering intensive career-based workshops, ensuring that our art students have specialized skills which can relate to a specific career outside of the basic art field. They would get a certificate of completion upon passing the evaluating exam, which would be hosted by an external company.

“Raising the leaders of tomorrow”

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