Palliative Care

Our Palliative Care include but not limited to activities such as nursing care, rehabilitation services (for example, physical therapy), assistance with activities of a daily living, assistance with housekeeping, chores and meal preparations, or assistance with activities to maintain health such as taking medications.

The service also focus on reducing stigma and discrimination, prevent further spread of HIV and mobilise community resources for people living with HIV & AIDS or any terminal illness and providing assistance to their families furthermore providing hope and comfort through good quality and appropriate care that helps patients and families improve the quality of life. Palliative Care extends from health facilities to the home and vice versa.

A Project of Mount Olive Outreach


What We Do

  • Home visits
  • Medication distribution and administration
  • Provide monthly toiletry products
  • Medical Screening
  • Chronic illness monitoring and treatment clinic
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Support Group

Our Support Group brings together senior citizens facing similar issues, whether that’s illness, relationship problems or major life changes. Members of our support group often share experiences and advice. It can be helpful just getting to talk with other people facing the same situation. We assist them, bring them together, give them hope and provide a comfortable home for them.

Short Term Goals

As there is no medical facility in Lehae, we have initiated a protocol to bridge the gap by having a clinic for chronic patients right here at Khaya Centre. This project is still in its teething phases and within one year we hope to have it funded and fully operational for 3 days per week, run by a qualified nurse. We would also have a doctor consult every Thursday afternoon- for those cases that need a MD expertise. We aim to service 130patients daily,-focusing on terminally ill TB and AIDS patients, the elderly and our Orphaned and Vulnerable children.

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Mid Term Goals

Since the founding of Khaya Centre one rule has proved steadfast: capacity will always need to increase due to word-of-mouth spreading to a wider beneficiary pool. We have thus planned for our clinic to expand to include routine check-ups as well as a baby inoculation centre. Provided that we are limited by time and space and can accommodate no more than 40 patients per day- we would need to expand our Clinic days into a full-time clinic open all weekdays, as well as Saturday mornings. This would allow us to accommodate the over flow.

Long Term Goals

We aim to have the kinks worked out of the Clinic and will be an established medical centre in Lehae. Only critical patients would need to be referred to the outlying clinics/hospitals as we will be staffed and capable of handle most ailments and injuries. We will be highly focused on controlling the five chronic diseases, ie: Hypertension, Diabetes, TB, HIV/AIDS

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