Project Description



Khaya Centre’s main focus is to assist and develop children in our ECD program. ECD is there to reach, nurture, educate and show young children their own potential. Through the ECD centre, Khaya Centre’s aim is to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS/STI Lehae. We teach children from a young
age that they are responsible for their own actions. We aim to become a sustainable AIDS Service Organisation implementing HIV/AIDS prevention and intervention, which is responsive to community needs.

  • Focus Areas
  • Palliative Care
  • Early Childhood Development (ECD)
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • Senior Citizen Support Group
  • Skills development and Youth Empowerment
  • Poverty Alleviation Sewing Project and Bakery
  • Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP)
  • Young life leadership program
  • Mother and child clinic
  • General health clinic
  • Targeted group
  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Youth
  • Young adults and adults
  • Elderly
  • Infants



Promote Education and Awareness Training
Provide services such as Home Based Care, health screening, Palliative care, upskilling, career development and training
Promote HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing
Conduct Spiritual Programs
Facilitate Orphan and Vulnerable Children programs with outcome based activities

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Orphaned/Vulnerable Children

Khaya Centre has identified orphaned children who are vulnerable due to HIV/AIDS in Lehae and surrounding informal settlements. Communities in these areas are poverty stricken with high rate of unemployment due to HIV/AIDS infection and domestic violence. These social problems have caused many children to drop out of formal education and assume responsibility for their ailing parents, their younger siblings and child headed homes.

The Khaya Centre tackles these issues through

Drop in Centre for children to relieve the overburdened family and community members. Activities include assistance with homework, singing, cultural dancing and educational games.
Two cooked meals per day are given to school
Administration of medicines and monitoring of
health status
Basic HIV/AIDS education to community members

Lehae Bakery

Lehae Bakery is the start-up bakery retail establishment located in the heart of Lehae. Lehae bakery expects and is determent to catch the interest of regular and loyal customer base with its broad variety of pastry products. The bakery intend to have the staff at Khaya Centre to bake and handle the costumers, services and day to day operations . The company plans to build a strong market position in this location, due to the number of people who buys their bread every morning. Lehae bakery aims to offer its products a competitive price to meet the demand of the lower to higher income local market area residents and tourist. Lehae bakery offers a broad range of freshly baked bread .The bakery also provide freshly prepared pastry products at all times. during the business hours of operation.

Sewing Machines

Khaya Centre has their own sewing machines where they make Blankets, bags and other products

Daily Activities

Feeding +750 school children with:
breakfast –porridge,
Sandwich (lunch for school),
afterschool meal
Administer medicines (when needed)
Support groups for elderly
Life Skills Training and Education for
OVC and youth
Basic HIV education to community
Monitoring health status and weight of