Orphaned & Vulnerable Child Care

The Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP) is the priority of National Crime Prevention Strategy in partnership with the Department of Social Development (DSD) and other prominent stakeholders. It was launched in1998 with the core aim of addressing the high rate of criminal victimization in the country suffered by mostly women and children.

The VEP’s main focus purpose is to facilitate the establishment and the integration  of interdepartmental or intersectoral programmes and policies for the support, protection and empowerment of victims of crime and violence.

Khaya Centre’s VEP is moreover erected to assist, support, protect and empower victims by ensuring that violent as well as abusive behaviours are kept to a minimum if not eradicated furthermore also to ensure that this circle does not repeat itself.

A project of Mount Olive Outreach

Identification of the victim and the perpetrator with the aim of establishing the ground for the case as well assessing the overall effect of the alleged victimization

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Ensuring that the victim is referred to a prominent stakeholder for specific help or assistance with reference to their situation e.g. SAPS,SANCA or medical practitioner

Short Term Goals

We have a team of lay councillors who do home visits and host support groups for 45 Elderly and 30 Young Parents. They also report information of abuse to authorities when necessary and assist victims in attaining legal council and medical assistance as needed

Doing a follow up to probe if the victim received the required aid

Mid Term Goals

24 hour call line manned by a lay councillor.Comprehensive trauma counselling training.Improved office resources; stable internet connection. Additional qualified Social Worker.

Long Term Goals

Ensure that all operational processes are adhered to. Maintain quality of services provided. Refresh staff training. Retain clients.

“Empowering victims to take control of their situations”

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