Youth Development Program

Young Life Program (YLP) Is design to assist teenagers- aged 13 – 18 years- who are faced with daily challenges of poverty, low health care and weak support systems – into adulthood.

The program seeks to nurture and develop young people into productive and responsible adults. Its primary focus is to alleviate the challenges that are currently faced by teenagers’ in Lehae by providing a series of daily workshops which are balanced between educating, counselling, skills development and life skills.

Young Life Program (YLP) will serve youth residing in Lehae; these households have a low LSM- earning a combined household income of less than R2000 per month. Due to the high rate of HIV/AIDS-related deaths in the area many of these youths are the heads of their households or cared for by their elderly grandparents. All youths aged between 13 and 18 years are eligible to join the program- regardless of gender or HIV/AIDS status.

Young Life changes the life trajectory of at-risk teens as it moulds them into amicable adults.

A project of Mount Olive Outreach


• Educate on entrepreneurial skills by conducting quarterly workshops hosted by industry professionals.
• See an increase in passing matriculants.
• Provide internship opportunities to teens over 16 years of age during school holidays.
• HIV/AIDS screening and testing
• Pregnancy education and prevention
• Sexual heath education

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Community Outreach

• Cleaning campaigns
• Safety promotion
• Crime prevention
• Health awareness campaign

Short Term Goals

The Young-Life Youth Program (YLP) is an initiative to develop the youth within our care (aged 13 -18 years) into responsible and work-ready adults. The youth within our community are faced with problems exceeding those of their suburban counter-parts. We aim to bridge the gap in quality of education, social accountability and skills development. We do this by providing a series of workshops including End User Computing, Deportment, Enunciation, English for Business Writing, amongst others. We aim to have 30 Graduates from the Class of 2015.

Mid Term Goals

To increase effectively we will have our top 10 graduates from 2015 serve as mentors to the students within our 2016 program. They will each be responsible for a small group of students who they will council and assist where necessary- they are to be seen as a teacher’s aid and will ensure a higher standard of application outside the classroom as their students will be accountable to them even outside of the centre. Thus ensuring the life-skills learnt are implemented. 2015.

Long Term Goals

We aim to accommodate at least 40% of our youth. To manage such a large group we plan to have the mentors from the previous year (graduates from 2015) manage their own group of future Young-Life Graduates. They will choose mentors from the graduates of 2016 who will assist them as teacher’s aids. this exponential growth will ensure the expansion of the program is able to accommodate the dire need in the community- not only for skills- but for role models to the youth. We hope that this will be lead to a marked decrease in drug use and teenage pregnancy. centre. Thus ensuring the life-skills learnt are implemented.

Networking excursions
Network and Partnership excursions will be arranged to improve participants’ interpersonal abilities, as well as the ability to socialize with youth from other organizations who offer youth focused program. At least once a month change leaders will embark on the network and partnership excursion were they will meet with local, provincial and national youth structures, youth movements and organizations.

Career development

• Career Assessment
• Career Guidance
• Career exhibitions; where all educational institutions, government departments and cooperate companies will be exhibiting tertiary modules, job opportunities, scholarships and bursaries.

Leadership workshops

These workshops are hosted to expose the young participants to real-life career preparation. By bringing inspirational individuals to motivate them not only to follow and act on their dreams; but also how to practically achieve them . At least 1 Leadership workshop will be hosted per quarter. Each workshop will be on a different subject matter, specific to an industry and hosted by an accomplished business person.

“Growing the leaders of tomorrow through an interactive, diverse and outcomes-based after school program.”

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